View Full Version : Sinar Norma Ground Glass

Eamonn Doyle
13-Jul-2009, 12:46
Does anyone know where I would get a new ground glass for my Sinar Norma 10x8 ?
I'm having problems viewing through the glass that is on the camera at the moment.. the light doesn't seem to be dispersing properly across the glass. I can never really view the whole image properly.. it's only clear when I'm looking directly in line with the back of the lens. Is this a common problem ?

Thanks in advance..
Eamonn / Dublin - Ireland

Peter K
13-Jul-2009, 13:07
It sounds like a dirty/greasy ground glass. Remove the ground glass carefully and clean it with warm, not hot, water and soap. Than dry it with a clean cloth and mount it back to the camera.


Eamonn Doyle
13-Jul-2009, 14:14
Thanks Peter..
I'll give that a try ..