View Full Version : Can anyone identify this camera?

13-Jul-2009, 11:56
I saw this camera from craigslist, I am just wondering anybody can identify the body? I know the picture is small, but anyone with some information of it will be great.


Ted Stoddard
13-Jul-2009, 12:21
Looks to be a Tachihara or similar what craigslist did you see it on?

13-Jul-2009, 12:23
Phoenix's Craigslist

Brian Ellis
13-Jul-2009, 13:09
The pictures are too small to tell much but if I had to guess I'd guess it's an older Tachihara, one made before they switched to the brass-looking metal. Or it could be a Calumet Woodfield or an Osaka, both of which were Tachiharas in disguise. Of course it could be a lot of other things too.