View Full Version : Carbon Infinity: Where to go for more info

Natha Congdon
1-Nov-2001, 21:04
I'm really enjoying the new CI camera (see previous posts and review above). Ad mittedly, part of the pleasure in using this intelligently-designed, beautiful a nd versatile camera is the "cachet" of the story: only 50 ever made, "space age " carbon fiber technology, failure of the company due to the the luxury price ta g, etc. I'd love to know (and post) more about the story of this facinating hyb rid beast than what I can glean from quite exhaustive searches on the Net. Anyb ody have any specific suggestions of whom I might contact to learn more? I thin k the full story would probably be of interest to many frequenters of this LF ga dget-oriented site, myself of course included!

Thanks for any leads,


Bob Salomon
2-Nov-2001, 00:35
Talk to Ken Hansen. The man not the store.