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don mills
12-Jul-2009, 17:16
Is anyone out there using these lenses with 8x10 camera? And if you can point me to samples of images, I would appreciate it.


Richard K.
12-Jul-2009, 19:44
Is anyone out there using these lenses with 8x10 camera? And if you can point me to samples of images, I would appreciate it.


I'd be happy to see images made with even bigger cameras! :D

12-Jul-2009, 20:41
Is anyone out there using these lenses with 8x10 camera? And if you can point me to samples of images, I would appreciate it.


Most 8x10's don't have the 1100mm needed to do infinity focus with the 1100mm XL (the Arca 8x10 will focus the 1200T Nikor easily, but not the 1100 XXL ...and I haven't tried putting extra camera standards and 4x5 sized bellows on the meter rail(which would need some extension as well to make 1100mm); and then you'd have to watch the cone of light hitting an intermediate standard but it just might work.

So you're probably looking for users that have the 550 XL on 8x10. I can tell you that it is impossible with the 8x10 Arca, which is a rail camera, to do enough swings, tilts, shifts, rise/fall to reach the edge of the coverage of the 550XXL at infinity (which also means it is impossible when focused closer). You'd need a giant set of bag bellows (custom made) to reach that edge of the coverage circle. The lens itself is large, requiring at least a 6x6 or larger lens board. Its also very heavy (when compared to other range 450mm to 600mm lenses)

So , what you are probably looking for is users that use these on larger formats. I don't currently have a website showing any of the work with these lenses.

And if you're planning to do only on 8x10 without an upgrade to ULF, if I were you I would seriously consider alternatives such as the Fuji 450 or Fuji 600 or an Red dot Artar in the 600mm range, or a Nikor 600T or something similar.

Michael Mutmansky
12-Jul-2009, 20:50
No reason to use these two lenses on an 8x10 (if you can find one that will accommodate). For the 550XL, a Fuji 600C, 450C, or the Nikkor 450M are all more logical choices. There are many others, as well, like 24" Artars and a vast array of other older lenses.

At 1100mm there really aren't many other choices, but few 8x10's have the bellows draw to use it anyway. Doctor Optics made a 1000mm and 750mm lenses that can be found used, and there are the long copu lenses as well.

I've used both lenses (but not on 8x10). For their purpose, they are most excellent, especially the 550mm, which can cover 20x24 if I remember correctly. And it's sharp out into the corners as well when stopped down a little.

But I wouldn't recommend it for anything smaller than 11x14. Even then many cameras won't permit the rear cell through the front standard.

Look at old articles in VC that I wrote reviewing the lenses. I did actually get paid for those, so I figure it's worth mentioning that the articles do exist...


Richard K.
13-Jul-2009, 06:54
[QUOTE=Michael Mutmansky;

Look at old articles in VC that I wrote reviewing the lenses.


Would you remember which issues for the 550? :)

Michael Mutmansky
13-Jul-2009, 07:19

I'll post the issue number and date tonight if someone doesn't beat me to it.


Michael Mutmansky
13-Jul-2009, 20:02
May/June 2006 (probably arrived in August 2006!)

Basically, while the 1100mm is a great lens, I don't believe that it is heads and shoulders above the 1000mm Doctar Optics.

The 550mm is another story. It's a fantastic lens that is sharp well out into it's very large image circle (900mm), even close to wide open.

However, I think that it is in the realm of massive overkill for an 8x10, and probably even an 11x14 as the 600C handles these focal lengths with aplomb. At 11x14, I'd be in the realm of considering it.

The article has a bunch of useful info in it, but it was written from the ULF perspective, not for the smaller formats. The FA lenses are truly ULF-designed lenses.


14-Jul-2009, 00:54
I was also thinking of buying 550XXL for my 8x10 camera, but I never did.
As I checked the rear dimension of the len, it is 125mm, which is not possible to insert
the len from the front (I am using Phillips Compact II, Sinar board), unless I mount the
front element/shutter from the front, and rear element from the back.

I then purchased Fuji C600 and Schneider 600/800, I found that they are both great len, light weight (C600), less bellow draw and one len with two focal length (Schneider 600/800), then I decided not to purchase 550XL, unless I go for a larger format (e.g. 16x20). One more thing, C600's image circle is approx 620mm, which is useable upto 16x20 .... why not give it a try??

14-Jul-2009, 06:15
Hi don,
I am using the 1100mm on my 8x10 Toyo view. I have a custom built 1300mm long camera standard and Toyo's extra long bellows, which is just enough for infinity focus. I use two tripods, one on each end of the camera. The lens is new and I have only taken about a dozen slides or so. Based on first shots I can say that the lens is very sharp "full open" at f:22 and at apertures f:32-45 and has almost no flare even when you shoot towards the sun. I have not scanned the slides yet, but will do so as soon as my vacation is over.

14-Jul-2009, 18:04
Henry, can't wait to see the output!

2-Aug-2009, 12:24
Here's one sample with the 1100mm @1 sec "full open" f:22 late evening about 11PM. Taken from a bird watching tower in Hamina, Finland. I was awaiting full moon rising, but unfortunately the sky was a little bit too cloudy. Whilst having set up my camera I decided to take one shot. I have added one crop of approx the size of 35mm frame unmanipulated and another with auto-levels to better see the details. JPEG compression affects the quality a lot.