View Full Version : fall colors and filters

david clark
23-Sep-2001, 15:45
Hi, what is/are the prefered filters for emphasizing fall colors with panchromat ic B&W film? Thanks.

Doug Paramore
23-Sep-2001, 16:22
David: I would start with yellow and light red. The filters lighten their own colors and darken the opposite colors. A polarizer might be helpful also.


Jorge Gasteazoro
23-Sep-2001, 16:40

Jim Brick
23-Sep-2001, 18:41
My two favorite B&W filters are the B+W 060 yellow-green, and a polarizer. Sometimes a red (B+W 090) if I want a black sky and brilliant clouds, and not much shadow detail. Or a 091 red if I want it to be even more dramatic.

Scott Walton
24-Sep-2001, 10:15
I agree!!! The B+W Yellow green is sweet for ALOT of applications!