View Full Version : ROLLEI film questions

Joseph O'Neil
11-Jul-2009, 04:01
Does anybody know if the new Rollei ATP film - that's is the new B&W film that is supposed to "replace" Tech Pan, is available in 4x5 or any size sheet film? My understanding is roll film only, but I far from know everything. :)
Here's one link for the film:

Second question, their IR film:

Now it is available in 4x5, and I was wondering if anybody has used it recently, and what do they think of it?


Philippe Grunchec
11-Jul-2009, 05:06
Take a look at www.macodirect.de

Vlad Soare
13-Jul-2009, 02:05
As far as I know, the ATP 1.1 is only available in 35mm and rollfilm format.

As for the Rollei Infrared in 4x5", I used it once and swore never to do it again. It's coated on the same base as the rollfilm version, which is so thin and flimsy that loading the film holders is a nightmare. The same goes for Jobo reels. I found this to be so extremely annoying, that halfway through the box I gave up and threw the remaining unexposed sheets away. Which is a pity, because it's a gorgeous film. I still use it in 120 from time to time and love it.

Another thing of the small-details-that-make-your-life-miserable kind is that the box is too small. The envelope containing the film sheets fits very, very snugly inside the innermost box. No big deal, of course, just an extra annoyance when you're in the darkness, trying to put everything back.
But I think I could live with this if only they started coating it on a proper base.