View Full Version : Cooke lens back in production!

mark e mark
11-Jul-2009, 01:55
Folks I have just noticed that Cooke plan to produce their 2 large format lens again:) I think they are the only UK lens manufacturer left. I have no connection with Cooke what- so-ever, but fell happy that there is some good news in the Large Format world.
and www.cookeoptics.com/cooke.nsf/products/largeformat.html

11-Jul-2009, 04:56
What that doesn't tell you is there are other lenses being considered a an XVa for 5x4.

There's a couple of threads already, and dealers are taking deposits. Interestingly the line on the website is aimed at the US market, calling Autumn - Fall :D


mark e mark
17-Jul-2009, 12:27
Ian, any more clues to the NEW Cooke lens?