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10-Jul-2009, 20:39
Howdy all,
I was recently given a Korona Series V 5x7 that has a Turner-Reich 71/2-12-18 lens (serial number 76623). The lens is mounted in a Bausch & Lomb Volute shutter (serial number is 847650, and it seems to be somewhat early as it says "Pat App'd"). The lens and shutter are in good shape (no major problems with the glass...a little dust between the cemented elements and a very little bit of balsam separation on one edge). There are four aperture scales on this lens, one for the lens used with both elements, one for use with the 12" element, and one for the 18" element. The one that has me scratching my head is the top scale...it is marked "W.A" and "1 2 3 4 5". Are these US stops or an aperture system used by Bausch and Lomb (or Gundlach)? Any info would be appreciated.

The camera is currently at a friend's house, awaiting a new back. Once the back has been replaced, all that needs to be done is adjusting some of the hardware and patching a hole in the bellows.

Ernest Purdum
11-Jul-2009, 19:35
Lens makers would sometimes offer a pair of Wide Angle cells to replace the regular cells into the same shutter. Usually by now the side angle cells are missing. The 1,2,3,4,5 scale looks like an arbitrary marking system. The iinstruction sheet provided with the cells probably said something helpful. Maybe someone on the Forum will have a copy.

21-Jul-2009, 19:09
Thanks, Ernest! That makes perfect sense.