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10-Jul-2009, 16:52
Finally used my new darkroom tonight. I want to live in there with my dog lol.
Anyway, I got a used Super Chromega D with a Dichroic head, and today was really the first time I used it. I stopped down the lens to F11, had the light source set to white, filters off and did a test strip with 3 sec increments. Developed for 1 min and the paper was totally black.
Did another test strip this time with the light source set to high. Totally black paper again.
To shorten the story, I made what I think is a nice print using the light source set to low, at F16 and both the yellow and magenta filters set to 60, and a 25 sec exposure.
I was quite thrilled and my wife ecstatic. It needs a few refinements but I am really pleased so far.
But I am not so sure I am arriving at a decent print the right way. Perhaps it does not matter how we get there?
Could the light source in the enlarger be way to bright? Looks like a chore to take it appart and check. Does what I did to achieve the print sound reasonable?
Any input appreciated.

Gem Singer
10-Jul-2009, 17:12
What size print?

A 5X7, or 8X10 print will place the enlarger head close to the paper. That will result in a brighter image and a shorter exposure time. f16 and a low light setting sounds normal.

As the the enlarger lamp house is raised up to make a larger print, the amount of light reaching the paper will decrease and the exposure time will need to be increased. You probably will need to brighten the lamp and open the lens to f11 or f8.

10-Jul-2009, 17:40
Makes sense. I am using 8x10. Thanks