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10-Jul-2009, 02:34
I have two Copal shutters in need of new shutter blades. Both have one torn blade.

One is a Copal no.1 with a flat front and chrome shutter speed ring, serial number 73006308. The other is a Copal-MXV mounted in a Yashica-Mat 6x6.

Do you know where these shutter blades may be found, or do any of you have a nonfunctional shutter I can have for reasonable money? I live in Norway, but we have a functional postal service, even in my part of the country - north of the polar circle :)

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Ole Dyre Hesledalen
11-Jul-2009, 10:09

As you probably have discovered there are not many parts available for Copal shutters in repair shops in Norway anymore -not for Compurs either for that matter. Regarding the large format versions of these this is partially because of a policy of enforced obsolesence that unfortunately has been practised by at least one of the major importers/dealers of professional equipment here. I've been told that the remaining stock of Copal parts were thrown out -thereby leaving photographers with very little choice when in need of shutter repair. Digital MF anyone? There might be a slight chance of getting the parts you need from a semi-retired camera repair guy in Oslo; give me a call and I'll se what I can do.
(Søk på etternavnet mitt i Gule Sider på nett.)

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24-Oct-2010, 17:02
hey, i use to work on those and alot of misc parts if your still in need

24-Oct-2010, 19:06
hey, i use to work on those and alot of misc parts if your still in need

You don't by chance have this little knurled screw from an old style Copal 3?

(the picture is, of course not my lens, because my lens doesn't have the little screw ;) ).

24-Oct-2010, 20:26
no, sorry i mainly have no.1 parts, and even a working shutter but no no.3 parts at all

John Koehrer
25-Oct-2010, 10:44
You might get in touch with Flutot's camera repair or Paul Ebel. Flutot's specializes in leaf shutters & may have some bits & pieces.

Glenn Thoreson
25-Oct-2010, 11:16
Be aware that there are a number of different blade designs in the Copal 1 shutters. They don't interchange. The last time I needed a blade, I had to make my own even though I had a couple of parts shutters. I might have a blade for the YashicaMat. I'll look.