View Full Version : Komura 75mm f6.3

Kevin Kemner
22-Sep-2001, 12:10
Ok, every now and then someone has to ask a question about an off-beat lens. Do es anyone have any guesses as to the performance of Komura SW lenses. Especiall y image circle? I have a 210 Komura Commercial (tessar design) which performs v ery well for B+W, so I'm wondering if the Super Wides are worth purchasing as we ll.

Thanks in advance.

Pete Andrews
25-Sep-2001, 06:55
The 75mm SW Komura isn't very good, if my sample is typical. It'll cover 5x4, with a bit of movement, but the corner definition is very poor once the lens is moved off-centre. The corners suffer from bad lateral colour, so a yellow filter helps a lot with B&W.The only good thing I can say about it, is that within its limited image circle there's only slight falloff, and a centre filter isn't needed. If I could afford the SW Nikkor, Grandagon or SA, then I'd replace it without looking back. Still, it only cost me #75, thirty years ago, so I can't really complain too bitterly.