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Stefan Lungu
9-Jul-2009, 14:10
Hello everybody,

I am trying to put together a Sinar system and have a little question : what is the difference between a front and a rear bearer ? I have something that seems to be a front bearer, but can see no reason to not use this as a rear bearer, other than the knobs that are on "the other side", meaning left instead of right. My idea was to put this one together with a F front standard and start shooting. Have I missed something essential that would not permit to work with this combination ?

Thanks a lot,

Mark Woods
9-Jul-2009, 14:30
There are detentes for the different formats that raise or lower the standard. For 8x10, it's a much more robust standard. I doubt if you will be able to get the front and back standard to line up if one of them is on backwards. Regardless, you won't be able to get all the moves out of the camera since it won't be assembled correctly. You'll be shifted side to side, perhaps to the max, just to get the camera to line up.


9-Jul-2009, 16:29
The trouble is that the F standard has its zero point above the mono-rail and the P standard not.
Sinar once had a Sinar C : a P rear and a F front standard.
You will need some side shift from either the front or the rear standard in order to get a "zero-ed" camera.

Go to the Sinar site (http://www.sinar.ch) and download the Sinar Code, it will give you some ideas how to put the camera together.


Stefan Lungu
10-Jul-2009, 13:13
That is what I was thinking, since I knew that there was a Sinar named C as you described. The asymmetric construction is a little in my way. I'll See what can be done - if not, it will become a full P.

Regards, Stefan

10-Jul-2009, 14:24
Nothing wrong with a full P or P2 for that matter.
That F standard can come in handy if you ever need a double bellows lengh, but you have seen that in the "Code" allready.

First see if you can live with the P/F set-up.

Sinars are like Lego: with changing some parts it becomes a diferent camera, a truely great system.


Mark Woods
10-Jul-2009, 16:44
I totally agree with Peter. I picked mine up from a photographer who was re-purchasing still digital equipment. I think I got every bell and whistle Sinar makes for 4x5 & 8x10, and sometimes two. Great system!! (I use the Dorff for 8x10 in the field since it's lighter and more easily packed.)