View Full Version : Focusing Hood Questions - Two of 'em

Jim Cole
8-Jul-2009, 21:01
I need to find a focusing hood for my Seneca Improved View Whole Plate camera. I have two questions:

1) I bought a focusing hood for my Ebony 4x5 in 2004 that I absolutely love. It's just a simple tube about 2 feet long with elastic at one end to grip the camera and velcro along the length. Silver outside and black inside, it is super lightweight and wads up to about the size of a small tennis ball. It probably weighs a couple of ounces. There is no sewn label inside and my purchase records for that year are in storage so I can't look it up. I have no idea who made it or where I bought it, perhaps on ebay. Any ideas??? I'd like to get another for my Seneca, but don't know where to look. I don't seem to find anything like it in my searches. BTZS, BlackJacket and Ebony hoods are just too big and bulky.

2) Which will fit the whole plate size better, a hood for a 5x7 or one for an 8x10?

As always, I appreciate the help,


Jim Cole
10-Jul-2009, 10:03
Nobody else owns one of those light weight cloths like I have? I guess that's why I can't find them now.

Also, I guess I should have made the second question a more generic one.

For any manufacturer's focusing cloth, which size should I buy for a whole plate camera? What are you whole plate guys using?