View Full Version : Anyone know where to buy tominon (or other) 127mm front and rear elements for copal?

8-Jul-2009, 19:19
HI All

First off so happy to find these forums, some great stuff here and i'm just diving in ;)

I have some copal shutters and am trying to find 127mm front and rear elements for them, would anyone have any idea of where i could buy these?

I've been hunting auction sites but have had no luck in finding just the elements and just got a couple of shutters but they have 105mm and 135mm glass and i need 127mm

If you know anywhere that sells just the glass i'd love to know or maybe you want a 105 or 135 element and have a 127mm to swap.


Dan Fromm
9-Jul-2009, 01:45
I have a pair just lying around that I'm never going to use. If you want 'em, send a PM with your address. I'd appreciate it if you reimbursed postage.

They are direct fits in a Copal #1. If you put them in a Polaroid Copal #1 Press that originally held a 105 Tominon, the shutter may not give full aperture with a 127.

9-Jul-2009, 20:44
Thankyou dan, this is soooooo appreciated ;)
have sent you a pm.