View Full Version : Busch Pressman D Flash Sync

8-Jul-2009, 17:02
Hi all,

I have been encountering situations in where I might need some fill light via strobe. I know the Pressman's are able to be used with their flashes but I can't seem to locate where I would plug a sync cord in for a PW or a light.

I looked for a manual and found one but couldn't find anything on where it would be located.

The lens is the Graphex 135mm f/4.7

Thanks everybody!

Dan Fromm
9-Jul-2009, 01:48
Hard to say without seeing your shutter.

Graphexes often have bipost synch terminals. Two pins sticking out. Paramount makes bipost-PC cords, and people have asserted here and elsewhere that the female end of an electric shaver cord will connect to a bipost ...

9-Jul-2009, 07:02
Perfect. I assumed those two pins dealt with something involving the flash sync.

Anyways, thanks for the help. Guess I will have to order one of those cables later.