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31-Oct-2001, 17:41
Hello Ive run accross an Arca-Swiss F-Basic but Iam Iam confused becase I have h eard that there is an A,B,C model and then the newer F-line basic. If anyone cou ld shed some light on the differences between the older and newer model or a web site that has information.

Jennifer Waak
31-Oct-2001, 19:47
Arca-Swiss does not have a web site up, but TheFStop does have some Arca-Swiss pages up. You can look here at http://www.thefstop.com/equipment/new/arca/arca.html.

Ellis Vener
2-Nov-2001, 12:12
the Arca-Swiss F- Basic is , I think, the same as the ArcaSwiss Classic. be aware that the camera that preceeded the Arca-Swiss "F" cameras were known as basics, and there were tat least three models:

the Basic A, an axis tilt design.

The Basic B, a base tilt design

the Basic AB model which has a base-and-axis tilt model.

2-Nov-2001, 13:21
As far as I can tell (as owner of an Arca F basic), the differences between the ``basis'' and ``classic'' model are: <ul><li>the basic has a 40cm rail that comes as one piece, where the classic has the telescoping rail (2 rails where the standarts are attached to, connected by another rail that slides in the tripod socket)</li> <li>for the basic, the horizontal shifts are locked by screws, where the classic uses a spring-loaded clamp</li></ul> While the non-collapsing monorail really tends to get into the way when packing the camera (I switched mine against the collapsable rail of the ``C'' version ve ry soon), I actually prefer the screw locks over the clamps (but this is just a matter of personal taste). I heard rumours about the F-line basic not being available anymore (backed up by the latest pricelist I have, where this models doesn't seem to appear anymore).

I can recommend the F-line basic - it's a really fine camera