View Full Version : Cleaning darkroom tubes

Tom Perkins
1-Nov-2001, 07:00
The insides of the drain tubes leading from my print washer seem to have grown s ome mold. They are turning black. The ones leading out of the Jobo are a lovel y pink like that mold that gets on the snow fields in the Spring. I wonder if a nybody can tell me a way to clean these. Thanks

Doug Paramore
1-Nov-2001, 10:30
Rinse them out with a fairly strong Clorox or other household bleach solution. Let the bleach sit for a few minutes, then flush with clean water. Should take care of the problem.


Sal Santamaura
1-Nov-2001, 10:47
How about Jobo's processor cleaning product?

John Hicks
1-Nov-2001, 13:45
Jobo warns against using bleach. I'd expect it to be ok for plain plastic tube t hough.

Michael Pry
2-Nov-2001, 03:15
Tom, The bleach will work fine but I would rinse it with good ol vinegar after which neuteralizes it and removes any bleach residue that remains.


Pete Watkins
2-Nov-2001, 11:37
If you do use vinigar (or any acidic fluid) to neutralise the bleach rinse the bleached items well with water before you use the acid. Best wishes. Pete.