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1-Nov-2001, 07:03
Have a new 8x10 with 2 lenses, Schneider 150mm wide angle and 480mm, and am tryi ng to sort out the options for filters. Most, if not all, film will be B/W. Sc rew in filters for the front are 95mm and 105mm and the rear threads are 62mm an d 90mm. An unlucky combination of sizes (none of which match filter collections I already have) as I would like to have 8-10 filters per lens which is 16-20 fi lters to buy and carry. Which brings me to slip ins with which I have no experi ence. Recommendations? Holders, in front or behind and brand? Gel or glass?

Thanks in advance,


Donald Brewster
1-Nov-2001, 07:15
Check out the Lee compendium-type system. Hard to beat for large format IMHO.

Ellis Vener
1-Nov-2001, 09:38
I second the recommendation of the Lee system. I use both their and Sinar's (now discontinued) resin filters. The optical quality of lee, Sinar and (also Hitech's) resin filters is terrific and you can't beat the ease of use factor. financially glass and even gel (if you could find any) 105mm diameter filters will kill you, and if the lightening of tyour wallet doesn't then the weight factor surely will.

Hugo J. Zhang
1-Nov-2001, 11:02
Lee's B&W filter set(4 filters), a snap-on holder with a rubber band. I have 9 8x10 lenses from 150mm to 600mm. It fits all. It costs you $57 from B&H.

N Dhananjay
1-Nov-2001, 12:09
Barn door style holders which can accept gels - work very well. Light and easy to work with. Need to keep scratched off the gels though. DJ

2-Nov-2001, 07:20
Thanks to all for your help.