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Clark King
22-Sep-2001, 17:32
I have made the mistake on someones word that 669 would fit my 550 holder. Well it doesnt not even close. I actually tried to make it work, it's just to small . Anyway I understand now that it only takes 500 series film like 559 572 552 5 79. But I cant seem to find anyone with that in stock. Where should I look to purchase this film. I live in houston and even houston camera exchange doesnt h ave any, I thought they had everything!

Any help would be appreciated!

still confused,


pat krentz
23-Sep-2001, 00:39
Try B&H in New York. Pat

andrea milano
23-Sep-2001, 06:18
the problem is that 550 is a lot less widely spread than the back which takes 669, pola pro and so forth, so why not changing your polaback altogether? It is true that the film size almost covers 4"x5" but finding films is a pain in the neck. Here in Holland and in general in europe 550 films can be found only at professional shops while 669 and silimar can be found around the corner because the local shop uses it for the passport photographs, a distinct advantage! Good luck.

Scott Walton
24-Sep-2001, 10:14
I get mine from www.wbhunt.com in Melrose MA... They always have it in stock. Cheers, Scott

Ellis Vener
24-Sep-2001, 17:09
In Houston:

Have you tried Pro Photo Supply Company up on Beall @ W.23rd St. in the Heights or LightTec on Gulfton? I'm pretty sure that Houston Camera Exchange is not an authorized Polaroid dealer.