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6-Jul-2009, 22:06
I searched the forum and didn't come up with anything referring to the following site, so I figured I'd share the link with ya'll. It's a pretty interesting collection of large format cameras, a number of which are linked to pdf files that provide a closer look at the linked specimens:

ANTIQUE CAMERAS D. Tristram Ludwig (http://www.dtristramludwig.com/collection.html)

You might also want to have a look at Ludwig's home page (http://www.dtristramludwig.com/home.html).


7-Jul-2009, 05:50
Woo-Hoo! What a treasure trove.
I particularly love the Kodak Kerosene safelight, (it never occured to me how they developed by inspection in the days before electric lights).

7-Jul-2009, 05:54
It is truely amaizing, my God, this is realy beautifull !!!!!

Thanks for posting !


Alan Rabe
7-Jul-2009, 13:29
Problem is they just sit there and collect dust. A camera that isn't used is just a waste.

7-Jul-2009, 18:31
No, a camera that isn't used, and is thrown away or allowed to deteriorate is a waste. A collector preserving them and learning about them, and posting pictures with information for everyone to use, is doing a lot more than most.

7-Jul-2009, 20:34
that is incredible. I was recently at the center for alternative photography in nyc, they have an impressive collection of petzvals, large plate cameras and in general lenses. they had a cabinet with probably 100 vintage lenses and the owner told me his personal collection is in the 100s.