View Full Version : Looking for Nikkor SW 150mm or Schneider 165mm

The Muid
6-Jul-2009, 11:40
Hi everyone,

I've been looking online fore some time now for either a Nikkor SW 150mm f/8 or a Schneider Super-Angulon 165mm f/8 lens (the Nikkor would be my preference, but I'm not hugely hung up on this).

I'm wondering does anyone know where I can find one at a reasonable price? Is there any online shop that sells it? or does anyone know any shops in London or anywhere in the UK/Ireland that has these for sale at a reasonable price? (As I'm a student I'm looking for the best possible price)

Thanks for your time and your help :)

Diarmuid :cool:

Aender Brepsom
6-Jul-2009, 11:49

John Schneider
6-Jul-2009, 11:55