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neil poulsen
5-Jul-2009, 13:15
Is Camera Bellows in Great Britain up and running? I noticed that their webpage is still available. I ask, because I believe they went into receivership several months ago.

If up and running, has anyone used them recently? Has their ownership changed? Do they still provide the same level of service?

Michael Alpert
5-Jul-2009, 13:22
I only have second- or third-hand information. The last I heard was that the staff there was negotiating to purchase the firm. I do not know if they were successful. Did you try to contact them directly?

Joanna Carter
5-Jul-2009, 14:14
I have been in touch with them a couple of months ago. They are up and running but can be hard to contact. I suggest you try the phone number on this page : http://www.bulldogcameras.com/Contact.html

Sven Schroder
5-Jul-2009, 14:15
There was a thread here around the time the staff re-started, the new name and website http://www.custombellows.co.uk/

Hope this helps

Joanna Carter
5-Jul-2009, 14:19
There was a thread here around the time the staff re-started, the new name and website http://www.custombellows.co.uk/
OK, so that's the new site with the same phone number now. Thanks for that Sven :)

5-Jul-2009, 14:22
They reopened on Monday, 6 April 2009 as Custom Bellows. The same level of service (= great), good prices, excellent products.

neil poulsen
5-Jul-2009, 16:09
Excellent. I just checked the bellows on a camera I want to use. That bellows would be more suitable for a planetarium than a camera.

It's interesting that the earlier website does not point to the new website. Also, different phone numbers.


6-Jul-2009, 08:00
I had the bellows on my TK45 replaced by custom bellows just a few weeks ago, and to say I'm impressed and please with the results would be an understatement.

The turnround was very quick and the quality is excellent.

I can't recommend them highly enough.

You can get them at:keithlowe@custombellows.co.uk or info@custombellows.co.uk


neil poulsen
6-Jul-2009, 11:41
Mike, Thanks for the info. That answers another question I had: whether Keith Lowe is involved with the new organization. He's the one who did such an excellent job on a bag bellows for the same camera. neil

6-Jul-2009, 13:35
The last time I ordered bellows from Custom Belows Keith announced me it's done 6 days after the order. One weekend was in these 6 days too...

Alan Butcher
6-Jul-2009, 16:41
I just got a new bellows for a Deardorff in May. Service was excellent. Only issue was that I had to do a bank transfer for payment, instead of credit card.


6-Jul-2009, 17:55
Bank transfers are very common here in Europe, quite a few good German sellers on ebay request it and do not accept PayPal. Not a real issue in Europe though.

When I buy in Holland from some reputable firms they have "Ideal" aswell: internet bank payment form my dutch bank account to theirs, easy and safe for both.
Credit cards are used less in Europe than in the VS.


24-Aug-2009, 16:26
Keith Canham will know about the status of the company. That is where is sources his bellows.

Tracy Storer
25-Aug-2009, 09:30
It's interesting that the earlier website does not point to the new website. Also, different phone numbers.

"Camera Bellows" were closed down by their former parent company. (Panavision) and do not have access to the old site to update it...

I have ordered bellows since the re-start as Custom Bellows, and as others have said, the service and quality are as good as ever, which is to say, "EXCELLENT".

Long Live Custom Bellows.

Pete Watkins
25-Aug-2009, 12:54
Just to put all your minds at rest Camera Bellows were represented at a camera fair in Wolverhampton (about 10 miles from Birmingham where they are based) on Sunday last. Common sense says that if they were hiding/dodgey they wouldn't make such a public appearence. I spoke to their representative on their stand and she was very pleasent. I would trust them to the hilt (and I'm a miserable sod).

Pete Watkins
25-Aug-2009, 12:56
I meant that Custom Bellows were in Wolverhampton. The new name's gonna take a bit of getting used to.

25-Aug-2009, 13:33
I received a quote for a new bellows from them just today...quite reasonable too!

Peter De Smidt
25-Aug-2009, 15:29
I've had a couple of bellows made. Camera Bellows did by far the best job. I wish Custom Bellows all the best, and hopefully I'll order a couple of bellows from them this year.

Atul Mohidekar
29-Aug-2009, 09:58
Few days back I got bellows made by Keith at Custom Bellows. Excellent product. Prompt email responses. We did have a few bank transfer related hiccups that resulted in me sending a check directly to Custom Bellows. Overall I'm very satisfied.

// Atul

neil poulsen
30-Aug-2009, 06:08
Just received my bellows that Keith made for me. Better quality than the original. Very quick service, just a few days. It's great to have such a reliable source.

Deepak Kumar
4-Sep-2009, 10:09
Recieved bellows for my only LF camera from custom bellows, thanks to them I am still a LF shooter. great service, good price and superb quality.

First one they sent to me could not reach me, they promptly sent another (great service)

If they could start accepting credit cards, making payment will become easy for all.