View Full Version : Parts for a 5x7 Combiplan?

Kevin Kemner
30-Oct-2001, 18:16
Thats right folks I have a 5x7 Combiplan L with one problem. The tank isn't the inversion type it is the dip n' dunk model. If anyone knows where I can pick u p a T version 5x7 tank would you please let me know. Otherwise I'm gonna have t o do some fabrication.

Thanks in advance

Bob Salomon
30-Oct-2001, 19:12
We discontinued the 57 tank system and destroyed the tools a dozen years ago. The last place I have seen any 57 Combis was several years ago at Fishkin Brothers in Perth Amboy, NJ. They might still have something.

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
31-Oct-2001, 00:48
I was stupid enough to think COMBIPLAN was made in Sweeden or Germany

Bob Salomon
31-Oct-2001, 01:28
The 45 Combi Tank is manufactured at our BiWex factory in Gotene Swegen,