View Full Version : Ektachrome Duplicating Type K 7121

4-Jul-2009, 10:47
Greetings to all: As part of a bulk lot of 4x5-inch film I acquired some Kodak Ektachrome duplicating, Type K 7121. The Kodak datasheet says its specific use is for duplicating Kodachrome transparencies. Does anyone have any experience with this emulsion used under daylight conditions? There is no reference to film speed in the datasheet. So I suspect it is a very slow fine-grain Ektachrome... and probably balanced more for tungsten lighting than daylight. Thoughts from anyone who may have used this film would be much appreciated. Cheers. Bob

4-Jul-2009, 19:27
Duplicate films are tungsten balanced. For outdoor shooting use 85B filter. I have experimented with expired Fuji duplicating film and get very good results at EI 6 or EI 12. I suggest you shoot a test series with 85B filter and determine best EI based on that.
If you scan you slides, you can omit the 85B filter and make the color correction in PS.