View Full Version : Schneider 47mm and Wista SP

Erik Biss
24-Mar-1999, 15:52
Will a Schneider 47mm (or any 47mm) work on a Wista SP? If so, should I spend t he extra money on an XL? Because I have a Sinar multi format back (6X4.5 to 6x1 2), I can't foresee myself using it much with 4x5 (extremely wide) but I've neve r worked with that wide of a perspective either. Any thoughts? I would be using it for field/landscape work.

Erik Biss
24-Mar-1999, 16:12
In my original question I forgot to ask; that if the 47mm isn't compatible with a Wista SP (or is not practical) what focal length lens should I look for? My widest right now is a 90mm.

Matt Long
25-Mar-1999, 16:32

While I don't have direct experience in using lenses shorter than 90mm with my o wn Wista SP, it appears that 65mm is the shortest focal length that you will be able to use with this camera. According to my Wista literature, two lensboards are available for use with short focal length lenses -- a recessed lensboard, wh ich is just as its name implies, and a wide-angle lensboard, in which the lens m ounting surface is displaced back from the standard mounting surface with four pins or spacers approximately 25mm in length. This board is suitable for use wi th lenses from 65mm to 90mm. Hope this helps.

Patrick Raymore
26-Mar-1999, 00:48

Matt is correct. The best way to use a shorter than 90mm with the Wista SP is with the special recess board that Wista sells. I have never found it practical (to replace the bellows) in the field. Without the special board I have no trouble with the 90mm. I can also use a 75mm with a bit of struggle. I have also used a 65mm but it is a battle. I would think anything shorter than 65mm would be a all out war, then again in times of desperation all is fair game.