View Full Version : Technika DPB?

2-Jul-2009, 20:24
I am a new member here, living in southern California.

Recently my brother in Arkansas picked some photography equipment in a blind auction.
This large format camera,no lens, was in one of the boxes.

He is mailing me this camera and in the meantime I've had very little luck finding information on the web.

Evidently it is a technika 3, anybody using one of these cameras?

I am interested in using it for landscape photography.

Any info or links will be appreciated.


2-Jul-2009, 21:08
See the other post in this section entitled "Linhof Technika Questions", it should answer a few questions. As for the camera itself, it is a wonderful piece of machinery, very rugged and reliable.
Good luck.

Peter K
2-Jul-2009, 23:26
One the homepage of this forum you can find many informations (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/linhof/technika.html) about the Linhof Technika.

I'm using a Technika III 4x5", and other Linhof cameras like the Kardan monorails cameras, since many years. Specially for landscape the Technika is the camera of my choice.