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Thomas W Earle
30-Oct-2001, 14:23
I used my Riteway film holders for the first time during a trip I took last week . I found one big annoyance. First, the safety mechanism that keeps you from a ccidently pulling out the dark slide does not work properly on my Wisner Expedit ion 4x5. I guess ideally when the holder is properly setted, the white button s hould be pressed down allowing for easy removal of the dark slide; however, it j ust doesn't work with my camera. I have to manually push the button down and sl ide the dark slide up ever so slightly before inserting the holder into the came ra. I'm afraid this my allow for possible light leaks, especially if I pull the dark slide out too far. I haven't had time to develop any of my film yet so I don't know if the above technique has caused any light leaks. By the way, I kno w without a doubt the holder is firmly and properly setted in the camera. Has a nyone else had this problem? Is there a solution? Any tips or suggestions woul d be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Todd Caudle
30-Oct-2001, 15:34

I also use Riteways with the safety release button on my Wisner Expedition, but have not encountered the same problem. Once in a while the darkslide will not come out on the first try, so I just press the appropriate corner of the ground glass closest to the button and the film holder that I thought was seated properly seats a little tighter.