View Full Version : Why new chemical containers required for platinum/palladium developing?

Stephen Oliver
1-Jul-2009, 12:45
Hello out there. I preparing to try platinum/palladium processing for the first time on my own after having taken a course in it at the ICP in Manhattan some years ago. I intend to stick with alternative processing methods and not return to silver emulsions anytime in the near future. I have a sets of developing trays in different sizes and plastic photo chemical jugs that I have used over the years for traditional silver processing. The books on platinum/palladium printing I have read state to only use trays and chemical containers that have never previously been exposed silver processing chemicals. I don't have the room to buy all new trays and containers, and it seems wasteful to replace all this equipment. Plus, now that I have moved from NYC to Switzerland, it is not so easy to find wet darkroom stuff!

What would happen if this equipment is used for platinum/palladium developing?

Thanks for any insight.


Jim Galli
1-Jul-2009, 12:52
I think the concern is that trace amounts of other heavy metals will be present and foul your expensive work flow. New amber glass dropper bottles should be easy and cheap to obtain from any pharmacy. I would not risk that. But trays should be able to be cleaned with bleach and then with detergent before re-use.

Stephen Oliver
2-Jul-2009, 13:19
I agree. Thanks for the response.

10-Jul-2009, 10:48
I... New amber glass dropper bottles should be easy and cheap to obtain from any pharmacy. ....

Same amber bottles with plastic droppers available from Bostick-Sullivan.com.

Plastic provides uniform drop size that the glass droppers don't --- glass droppers vary in drop size depending upon the manufacturer and even within the same lot.