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alec jeser
31-Oct-2001, 05:10
I use a 240mm f5,6 Apo Symmar on my 8x10 inches camera for landscapes and close up works, and would like to know if it is worth to purchase a specific lens only for close up works. is the difference huge in quality?

What is the difference in sharpness between the 240mm f9 Fuji A and a Schneider G Claron 270mm f9, or an Apo Ronar, or the Apo-Macro Sironar f5,6 from Rodensto ck?

the works i need to do are between 1:5 and 2:1 scale.


Alec Jeser

Pete Andrews
31-Oct-2001, 07:13
Unless you have a huge amount of bellows extension (~720 mm), you'll need a shorter lens than 240mm for a 2:1 ratio. I'd recommend you get yourself a 150mm process lens like a G-Claron or Gerogon, or you can use a good 150mm enlarging lens. That's if you can get away without using a shutter.Another advantage of process lenses is that they generally stop down to smaller apertures than normal lenses.A 150mm G-Claron or Apo-Gerogon will cover 10x8 at 1:2 and higher magnifications.

Jim Galli
31-Oct-2001, 08:38
If you already have Schneider Componon S 135, or 150, they will go right into a Copal 0 for what you want to do. Schneider is the only enlarging lens I've found that allows that.

N Dhananjay
31-Oct-2001, 10:20
Actually, any enlarging lens would make a high quality macro optic. If it does not go into a Copal 1 shutter, you can order an adapter ring made by Schneider/Rodenstock that allows you to do that. Cheers, DJ

Masayoshi Hayashi
1-Nov-2001, 01:29
Nikkor AM-ED 210mm F5.6 Macro is another option. Image Circle 310mm at f5.6 and 400mm(10x12) at f22. Both at 1:1. (Source: Nikkor Cataloge 2000.2.20)

29-Jan-2002, 16:43
Schneider makes 3 macro lenses, an 80mm, a 120mm and the 180mm. See http://www.schneideroptics.com/photography/large_format_lenses/macro- symmar/ for more info. I have the 180mm but haven't done comparisons like previous posters mentioned above.