View Full Version : A Tachihara poll

1-Jul-2009, 00:22
I'm curious as to what flavors all the Tachi owners have out there. There are several varieties of colors and finishes. Please register your vote, and multiple choice is allowed. :D

1-Jul-2009, 04:33
I love it in black with black bellows, and chrome.
This is my first LF camera, and may remain the only one...

1-Jul-2009, 07:04
Me, too. I love Tachihara Fielstand 45 in black with black bellow and chrome parts. Tach uses cherrywood of 300 years old.

1-Jul-2009, 13:40
Mine arrives tomorrow I am very excited.

1-Jul-2009, 15:09
Mine arrives tomorrow I am very excited.

Congratulations! :)

sun of sand
1-Jul-2009, 15:48
Calumet XM
I have the default variety ..with swing arm latch instead of fat latch thing which is much worse imo
Lots of compliments but for me too shiny and brass is too yellow
nice-looking but not a stunner

Michael Wynd
5-Jul-2009, 20:36
I use a triple extension 8x10 with red bellows and brass. Lovely.

6-Jul-2009, 03:12
As I have already Japanese made field with cherrywood and chrome (Hasemi Field Tehnical from late sixties), I would obviously go for brass.

When I will buy 8x10, it will probably be Tachihara :)
I watch some Tachiharas every time when I visit at Japan.

Philippe Grunchec
6-Jul-2009, 04:12
I use a double extension 8x10 with black bellows and brass. Lovely -:)