View Full Version : Informations on Konica hexanon GRII 300 mm f/9 please ?

30-Jun-2009, 09:27
All is in the title, I just would like to know if this lens could cover a 12x20 camera for landscape photography ? Any informations about how this lens could perform would be appreciated, Thank you.
Thierry Moenne-Loccoz.

30-Jun-2009, 12:26
A search this forum- should tell you lots

Steve Hamley
30-Jun-2009, 13:14
Doubt it. I had the 310mm f:9 (the big one) and it wouldn't cover 8x20 by quite a bit. I thought it might barely cover 7x17, but even that was stretching it. Coverage is reportedly similar.

At 300mm you're looking for some - but not all - older Berlin or Series III Dagors, or a 300mm Computar. A 300mm Apo Sironar-W might do it also, possibly some exotic Protars. An ordinary lens won't do; you need something formulated to be quite wide.

The best bet - although not 300mm - is a 355 G-Claron. They're plentiful, coated, and you can find them in a variety of prices and configurations.

Cheers, Steve

2-Jul-2009, 09:52
355 G-Claron would be nice but I prefer a wider lens, a 305 computar would be perfect but it is hard to find. A few days ago, I didn't win on ebay for a Protar 27 cm f/18 ! I should have given a bigger price...
Thierry M.L.