View Full Version : how to mount a cinephor lens

Robert Oliver
29-Jun-2009, 21:10
I have a 9" cinephor lens that i'm trying to figure out how to mount onto my B&J 8x10. I have a Universal Iris Mount. The smooth surface of the lens doesn't seem to have any way to mount it using the iris.

Any clever ways to mount these lenses with or without trashing it.

Gene McCluney
29-Jun-2009, 23:59
Drill a tight hole in a wood lens board and friction fit it. That is what most people do.

30-Jun-2009, 01:06
Use a rubber band wrapped around the barrel to provide a rim to mount to your universal iris mount.

Paul Metcalf
30-Jun-2009, 07:36
similar to wimpler's idea would be to use a metal hose clamp of the appropriate size. should provide a sufficient bearing surface for your universal clamp but is not permanent and easily removed.