View Full Version : Shooting 4X5 in an old Polaroid rollfilm camera

29-Jun-2009, 17:32
I was wondering if there is anyone else out there who has shot 4X5 film in one of the old Polaroid rollfilm cameas. 4X5 film fits perfectly in the camera. The only downside is that the images does not totally fill the film. I took my first shot with this camera and my first shot on 4X5. Thanks-Patrick

30-Jun-2009, 16:41
A few of have, yes ... But not with 4x5" inside the camera. I bought one of these:

30-Jun-2009, 19:41
Those are kind of expensive. My camera costs me $5, and it looks perfect. You don't see any modifications.

30-Jun-2009, 21:53
Look more carefully they all have new 5x4 backs fitted.

Polaroid conversions have been around for quite a a long time, Razzle's are fairly priced, but there other people who convert & sell them. and a few people make DIY backs. One little man(ufacturer) has a worthless Patent for his conversions and sells the camera's to the likes of Brad Pitt etc for grossly inflated prices.


1-Jul-2009, 03:02
Yes, you can of course insert one sheet of 4x5 in your unmodified camera. Although you need to do it in complete darkness, you have only one shot available while out on assignment, and you get an image that is smaller than 4x5. Converting the camera gives you a slightly more practical tool ...