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29-Jun-2009, 17:28
Hello- Does anyone know of a place that offers good quality 4X5 E-6 processing using KODAK chemicals? I have looked into a few places, but most of them have extremely high shipping charges to ship just one sheet. Thanks

Bruce Watson
29-Jun-2009, 17:39
There was a long thread on this just a few months ago. I'm sure the search function would find it.

For me, the place I used to recommend has gotten weird and I don't recommend them anymore. But that's in that thread too.

29-Jun-2009, 17:43
You've tried Color Services in Needham?

29-Jun-2009, 18:47
Alliedphotocolor.com in ST. Louis. I'm totally happy with their work and the results.

29-Jun-2009, 19:17
Thanks. I looked back to that thread. I am going to give Praus a try.

David Beal
30-Jun-2009, 09:34
Praus Productions in Rochester. 888-645-9511. Very high quality work and fast service. I shipped 10 sheets of Velvia and had them back in a week. Prices reasonable. Meets Kodak Q standards for E6 & C41.

William McEwen
30-Jun-2009, 10:53

I recommend BWC Photolabs. Oops, I keep forgetting -- they changed their name to BWC IMAGING.

Their work is fine, though the staff there is goofy. They can always be counted on to be part of my "Rants" newsletter.

Nathan Potter
30-Jun-2009, 16:37
I just completed a zone test for Velvia 50, Velvia 100F and Astia 100F at Praus Productions. Density target and color balance dead on. Sensitomentric curve duplicates my E6 process. Chromes are spotless. I'll use them from now on when I can't do my own.

Nate Potter, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

30-Jun-2009, 18:18
Thanks. I looked back to that thread. I am going to give Praus a try.

They do good work.