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29-Jun-2009, 15:18

So far I have simulated orthochromatic film by using bluish-green filter and I have found that very useful in many situations.

Now it's time to look for and test some film, but what? As I have searched, my foundigs are (for 4x5):

- Efke PL 25M
- Rollei Ortho 25 (same as Adox Ortho 25)

So only ISO 25... Anything faster?

Should I also think Adox CHS 50 Art, which is Orthopanchromatic film? It's response drops above 600nm and ends around 630nm.

29-Jun-2009, 15:22
Ilford Ortho 80 speed
And search the recent X ray threads for 8x10 and larger

Andrew O'Neill
29-Jun-2009, 17:02
Efke 25 is not orthochromatic film. It is panchromatic with slightly more red sensitivy.
Xray films are ortho (and very cheap!) and there is also ortho litho but if you want continuous tones you will have to develop it in a soft working developer.

29-Jun-2009, 17:28
Just to keep this straight- or not.
Xray comes in BLUE and GREEN
I have a whole ton of test sheets of BLUE to develop , shot yesterday on a clear hot afternoon to see if it is ortho or color blind, if I can tell- I am hoping for color blind. Then I have GREEN to test to see how it compares.
Or Xray is not "pure" anything, as folks report fogging under safelights.

1-Jul-2009, 05:44
The Ilford Ortho Plus is a superb film, I used a lot of the earlier versions in the 70's/80's you can treat it like an Ortho version of FP4.

Although Ilfor market it as a copy film it's purely because that's what most people use it for and it's equally as good for other uses, it's listed under Special Products on the Ilford website.


1-Jul-2009, 09:39
Thanks, the Ilfords Ortho Plus seems quite promising.

Still would like to hear experiences with CHS 50 Art and CHS 25 Art. What kind of tonality will these ortho-panchromatic films give? And is there lying characteristic curves somewhere?

Lynn Jones
2-Jul-2009, 11:09
Yes there are some ortho films around but if you need on and you are out, substitute a cc CC30C (syan) and increase the exposure 1 stop on conventional panchromatic film.