View Full Version : Info about LINHOF AERO TECHNIKA 69

29-Jun-2009, 12:28
Hi, do you have any info about this camera is very rare , and I dont find any info about it on internet.

type of film that use, itīs 4x5 ?
where i can find the user manual?
can put a 90, 150 or 180 mm lens in this camera?

this camera is 69 or 67??



29-Jun-2009, 14:04
The date seems to be OK and does not seem to have a lens.
I have the 4x5 version in the same configuration with a 3.5/135mm Planar.

The lenses all have a special lens holder á la 6x17's and no focussing set at infinity.
Extra lenses can be hard to find.


Peter K
29-Jun-2009, 14:06
It's an Aero Technika 9x12/4x5". With this camera one can use either 4x5"-sheet-film or RF with Super- and Cine-Rollex (70mm-film) magazines. Also a magazine for 4x5" rollfilm and vakuum drawdown was aviable.

This camera uses lenses in special shutters. Also one needs a special tube for every lens. The lenses for the Aero-Technika cannot be used with normal Technikas.

This cameras where buildt between 1958 up to 1971.