View Full Version : Arista chemicals

Wade D
29-Jun-2009, 01:41
Does anyone use or have had experience with Arista Premium Liquid developers/fixers?
Are they any good? I am thinking of trying them when I place my next order with Freestyle.
Thanks in advance for any input.

Michael Graves
29-Jun-2009, 03:36
I use their fixer and stop bath. I tried the film and print developer and didn't much care for either one. Neither was bad in any way you could point out, except for an abysmal shelf life once opened. Results were good, but not outstanding. The film developer generated a kind of muddy grain. The paper developer was a lot like Ektaflo. I liked the warm tone developer, but didn't like the short shelf life.

4-Jul-2009, 20:36
I use Arista rapid fixer. It is the cheapest fixer I found, and fix is fix is fix.

I don't think much of Arista developers at all. With plenty of good published developer formulas abounding I don't know what they think they are doing - probably trying to be 'innovative' where no innovation would be best.

David Karp
5-Jul-2009, 10:55
I use the odorless fixer and odorless stop bath. They are fine. Made by Clayton, I believe.

5-Jul-2009, 11:22
I to have been using the "Arista premium odorless fixer", it seems to work just fine, and it's cheap, and easy to mix :-) Is this the same stuff as the "rapid fixer"?


I started using this after I noticed that my TF-4 would start to "clump" after it sat for a while unmixed (but previously opened). I've had no problems with the Arista fixer at all, it's super simple to mix.

5-Jul-2009, 16:42
I have used their fixer and hypo wash. They worked pretty well for me.

Wade D
6-Jul-2009, 03:45
Thanks for the replies. I ordered D-76 & HC 110 but went with the Arista fixer. I use vinegar from the local grocery store as a stop bath. Same as 3% acetic acid.