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Robert Ruderman
30-Oct-2001, 07:43

My wife and I will be heading out to Canyonlands in the next few days. I am cur ious as to what type of filter works best (in combination with Tri-X)in capturin g a place with colors such as red/pink/ochre? Would a green filter be best? I am afraid that a yellow, orange, or red filter would washout (whiten) the color of the sandstone walls too much.

Many thanks, Robert

Paul Mongillo
30-Oct-2001, 08:44
Hi Robert. Film will be the cheapest part of your trip. Experiment with different filters for each shot, because it is sometimes difficult to predict what you will get. I find a green filter the most pleasing in bringing out details in red rock and wood. When I think a filter is appropriate for a certain shot I almost always take another without one(except when trying to bring in the sky). Many times when I am just not sure what will work I'll shoot 3 or 4 shots, each with a different filter. Its easier and cheaper than going back. Polaroids can also be helpful in determining which to use. Have fun in Canyonlands. I spent the last two weeks of September in Grand Gulch and am having a ball working on prints of anazasi ruins.


james mickelson
30-Oct-2001, 09:15
Hello robert, yes an orange or red filter will wash out the colors of the sandstone making it a lot lighter. But a green 58 filter and a blue filter will pop the layers out. Try getting sharp cutting tri color lenses. but a red 29, green 58, and blue 12(?) will pop the reds and pinks out and still give you a nice dark sky. James

Jim Galli
30-Oct-2001, 10:08
AA's discussion of his version of the Anasazi big house ruin compared to William Henry Jacksons comes to mind. Jackson's was done at a time when Panchromatic film wasn't even available yet. The orthochromatic film of the time only "saw" blue light and Adams was remarking how full of life and detail that picture was as it naturally used the light that was illuminating the shadow areas. I would take some blues-blue/cyan/green/green-yellow and experiment. Will you have the luxury of being in a place long enough to see your results and go back if needed? I of course am talking about scenes that have no sky to go white.

Diego Rigatti
30-Oct-2001, 10:11
My advise on the shooting location: do not miss - in the morning - Dead Horse Point (if I rember well is a Utah Park within the Canyonlands National Park), for me even better than Island in the Sky. As far as the filters are concerned, I had nice results with a green one coupled with an enhance filter (to bright up reds a little bit). Enjoy it!