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Bill Putnam
28-Jun-2009, 18:16
Hi everyone,
A class mate of mine was gracious and genrously gave me some 4x5 film. Along with the usual film, he gave me some Tmax100 in ready-load enevelopes and an unopened box of polaroid type 52 iso 400.

ive done a lot of 4x5 pinhole with regular holders. however, i have never shot film in ready load envelopes or the type 52 film.

So here are my questions:

1 - how do i load the type 52 film? in polaroid or regular film holders?

2 - how do i develop the type 52 film? it came with some stuff in vials which im assuming is the developer.

3 - how do i shoot the ready hold film? in a polaroid 4x5 back?

4 - is developing film in readly-loads the same as regular film?

thanks, everyone. hope the weekend went well.


28-Jun-2009, 19:04
If the Type 52 is still good (it only lasts so long) you'll love it. T-52 was my favorite of the Polaroid products.

Polaroid sheet film fits into special Polaroid holders and has the processing chemistry in the packet. The tubes are coating to keep the processed film from oxidizing.

Here is a manual on how the product works:


and here's a manual for the holder:


and here's the data sheet for the T-52 film:



28-Jun-2009, 19:05
p.s. I don't know about the ReadyLoads... never used them... but I think they fit into the Polaroid holder. There also was a specific ReadyLoad holder. That's about all I know.

Gene McCluney
29-Jun-2009, 00:54
The processed print is very delicate and can be scratched very easily. The "vials" are a saturated "sponge" of lacquer to coat each print after processing, forming a hard coating on the image to keep it from fading and scratching.

29-Jun-2009, 07:14
Question 4: Yes.