View Full Version : What Happened to The Short Cut?

Drew Bedo
28-Jun-2009, 14:27
What happened to the short link www.lfphoto.info , now it is someone else?

Leonard Evens
28-Jun-2009, 16:43
I haqve the same question. It seems to have been hjacked.

28-Jun-2009, 18:35
Domain name registration expired on the 26th. There is a redemption period, I believe 30 days, during which the domain name is in limbo, meaning that the previous owner is the only one who can register the name during this period.

The site you are directed to is a placeholder owned by the registration company. It earns revenue from any pay per click searches that are conducted from that page.

After July 26, unless this forum renews the registration, anybody can buy the name "lfphoto.info"

Kirk Gittings
28-Jun-2009, 19:38
Anyone think to inform the moderators?

28-Jun-2009, 19:54
Anyone think to inform the moderators?

Good point. I'll let one of them know. :D

Kirk Gittings
28-Jun-2009, 19:55
Too late. I'm pretty sure.:o

QT Luong
13-Jul-2009, 20:04
I've renewed it and will fix the redirection when reactivated. If the same problem happens again in 5 years, please PM me, as I easily miss things on the forum.