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27-Jun-2009, 17:38
I received 7 film holders with my new 4x5 monoral Cambo, and while checking them out I noticed that the tape on the flap which opens for the film to enter are pretty ratty. Will this cause light leaks on the ones which are really bad?

Is there anything that I can use to re-tape the flaps so that they will be more secure, or are these film holders shot?


27-Jun-2009, 17:42
Clean of the old stuff and attach new tape is my guess....
Use gaffler tape if you have it.


27-Jun-2009, 17:46
bookbinding / repair tape is the best!
you can get it at places like gaylord.com

Gem Singer
27-Jun-2009, 17:53
The black tape is not a light barrier.

If you look closely, you will see that the light barrier is actually built into the flap.

The tape merely serves as a hinge for the flap.

Calumet Photo sells tape that is designed specifically for that purpose.

27-Jun-2009, 18:05
Gem slinger, that is exactly what I was looking for, thanks.

I have a few holders which look totally unused so I will work with them until I can get the tape here to fix the others.


27-Jun-2009, 18:15
Sheeesh, I just went to order that stuff from Calumet and it was going to be $20US for shipping to Canada.

Will have to source it locally.



Gem Singer
27-Jun-2009, 18:48
Any local photo shops in your area that sell black gaffer's tape?

If you can locate one, a roll of that tape will probably cost about $20 and last for years.

Gene McCluney
27-Jun-2009, 19:11
Be sure, when re-taping the hinge on dark slides, that you don't build up enough thickness to keep the film holder from seating flat against the camera. Best to peel off the old tape, and scrape the surfaces with a blade if necessary before applying new tape.

As has been said, the tape itself does not provide the light seal, ...but if the tape is ratty and the flap can move around that could cause a light leak.

Wade D
28-Jun-2009, 01:20
bookbinding / repair tape is the best!
you can get it at places like gaylord.com
I second the bookbinding tape. It is thinner than gaffers tape and lasts a very long time. A local print shop supplier should be able to get it for you if they don't stock it. I have repaired many old film holders with it.

John Cahill
28-Jun-2009, 23:40
The silver tape used by professionals for joining duct work should work just fine. It is thin, strong, and has good adhesive. Note, I do not mean "duck tape."