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27-Jun-2009, 17:16
Hello everyone,

I just received delivery of my Sinar P from the auction site. Everything seems to be fine. I was just checking the shift out, moving it one side from another, and I dont know what happen but the shift dial just loosened up and stopped working (its now just rotating without moving the standard). I didnt forced it in anyway or felt anything broken. Obviously I'm new with this camera but i cant think it would just stop working just like that!

Please help me what I'm doing anything wrong here and how to fix it

many thanks and regards

27-Jun-2009, 17:40
Go to this site (http://www.image2output-support.com/sinar/) and download everything you need on service manuals.
It will be your reference as long as you have a Sinar !

Good reading,


27-Jun-2009, 18:01
Thanks Peter, but is there any chance for a little more direct answer? It would probably take me a week to go through all the manual (which I will do)

Thanks again

27-Jun-2009, 18:26
It will be a little hard just having these manuals and my Sinar in Holland....

1) check the screw that holds the adjustement wheel in place
if that is OK
2) remove a side panel of that part (2 screws) and see if you can find anything wrong.

The sideways movement is geared, it can be that at the ends a couple of teeth are missing, it happens with older camera's.
Try to push the back a bit back first and then try the adjustement wheel: if it works you will need to replace a part.
Page 64 of the .pdf manual shows you how that section is build-up.

Good luck,

27-Jun-2009, 19:15
Thanks so much Peter,

Yes i feel the gear just suddenly slipped up some how.

Fortunately the part looks simply enough, I just dont seem able to take that section apart.

From what I see at p.64, part 39 is the gear that gives the shift movement.

What part do you mean by the scew that hold the wheel in place? I just cant find it. What are the part 45 and 36? I see them but they dont seem be to screw and Im not sure how to remove then.

Sorry to ask you to babywalk me through this. Please help with reference to the part in the page. Thank you very much


27-Jun-2009, 19:36
Part 36 and 45 ???

Screw for wheel see page 66
Side panels see page 67

Page 64 gives the view of the gearing and how it is mounted in the block.

Wish I was in Holland with the Sinar, that would be a lot easier.......


27-Jun-2009, 20:11
those are the number of the parts on page 64.

I removed the side panel but it doesnt show anything. And I have no idea how to access the screw on page 66 (which is the part 39 on page 64).

Hope you're back to Holland soon then :(, im really in need of some close guidance.

28-Jun-2009, 03:50
The best way to work in the standard is to take the frame off.
Put the rail onto a tripod and clamp the standard without the frame onto it.
In this way you have both hand free to work on it.

If you send me a PM with your regular email adress I might help you further by sending you parts of the drawings with my comments.

Me back in Holland: somewhere in August...... (2009)


28-Jun-2009, 05:56
I just discovered that if I help it by pushing on the one side or another, the wheel can drive the shift again. But everytime it goes through the centre position it goes loose again.

Can you please help me how to remove the whole tilt/swing complex to see the shift component underneath, which screws should i take out?

Fortunately i dont use shift often, but it still sucks to see your camera not in perfect order.

(I'll email you personally Peter, thanks again)

28-Jun-2009, 09:29
This means that some teeth are missing or worn out and the strip has te be replaced.

For this operation you will need:

- some good fitting screwdrivers
- a pair of tweezers
- a couple of fine brushes, pighair will do
- a couple of tooth-picks or bq sticks made from bamboo
- grease desolvent
- lithium based grease ( Micro-tools (http://www.micro-tools.com) )
- and the spare part of course

If they ask you whether you want nylon or bronze I would install a bonze one, it lasts longer.

Photograph every step so you have a record of what you have done and you can reverse that.

As soon as I have your email adres I can send you the drawings you need with my comments for you to print out.



30-Jun-2009, 02:22
The complete set of Sinar assembly manuals and part lists (http://www.image2output-support.com/sinar) are here.


30-Jun-2009, 09:08
Before 3rd page starts:)

Hold standard over 8x10 development tray (NOT on the tripod). Take off one side plate on upper standard shift assembly, push upper assembly opposite direction. This will uncover plastic geared rail and one or 2 of total 3 screws holding it. Unscrew/remove uncovered screws, if screw falls it will fall in to tray.

remove opposite side plate. Push shift assembly opposite side, remove 2 remaining screws holding the rail. Now you can separate upper part of assembly & remove geared rail at same time.

When you do that small 1mm ball (0 detent) will fall out in to tray.

Geared plastic rail will have teeth(s) missing - trash it.

Call Sinar Bron Imaging, order new rail (~$25 and usually stocked item, minimal order $50 - so you can order 2:).

Grease, put 1mm ball in the place assemble whole thing, be happy.

8-Jul-2009, 18:31
I appreciate your response, waiting for my parts and ready to go !