View Full Version : questions about 800mm and 1200mm T ED Nikkor

alec jeser
19-Sep-2001, 04:17
Is it worth to purchase a 800mm or a 1200mm T ED Nikkor rather than enlarging th e slides i make with my 450mm f8 Nikkor? some people told me the 600mm Nikkor T ED are not as sharp as Fujinon 600mm C, so i don't know what to do. and i don't know what is the difference between the 450mm Fuji and Nikkor about sharpness. T hanks

Alec Jeser

Natha Congdon
19-Sep-2001, 17:49
Main limitation with the 1200 will be stability of your camera at full extension. I have a pretty stable camera, an Ebony, and still find that I get a noticeable degree of softness in my images unless it is a very still day OR I prop up the front end of the camera, which can be easily done with a carbon fiber monopod, if you want something fairly practical to carry around. Still, it makes the lens less practical to use, and I don't resort to it that often, but it's nice to have when you really want it, if you're doing contact prints or transparencies where enlarging is not really an option.