View Full Version : Horseman L45 knobs

27-Jun-2009, 02:06
Hi all,

I recently acquired a used Horseman LE45.
Unfortunately, the two tilt locking knobs (the ones at the top of both standards)
were broken during delivery.
Here is a picture of the knob:
While the camera is fully operational, the broken knobs are hurting my eyes and my fingers, so if anybody can tell me where to find replacement ones, I'd be most grateful.

28-Jun-2009, 02:21
You could try Casey Akagi at Nippon Photoclinic in New York. They're the official repair center for Horseman cameras in the US. It's listed here: http://www.komamura.co.jp/e/w_d01.html#ab

28-Jun-2009, 02:25
Thanks muchly!