View Full Version : WD2W+ life expectancy

26-Jun-2009, 21:29
Anybody knows, how long WD2D+ may live in 3/4 full bottles of stock solution?

A couple of days ago I developed a few sheets of Shanghai and one roll of Efke 50 in WD2D+. Negatives are weaker, than those of Shanghai and Efke developed last October, there is less stain, and the contrast is greatly reduced.

All process parameters were exactly the same as last time and contrast of the scenes was similar.

That is why I am suspecting, that developer may be too old already. It was bought more than 1.5 year ago.

I won't be able to scan anything for a while and see the real results, but the negatives look very flat.

BTW, Shanghai and WD2D+ is a very good cobination, judging from the previous development/scanning sesssion.