View Full Version : help, is this a magic lantern lens?

Antonio Corcuera
26-Jun-2009, 17:00
I've been offered what seems to be a magic lantern lens, but I really don't have a clue.
Other than the attached images, all I know are the dimensions: 12cm long, 6cm diameter. It does not appear to have rack & pinion focus.
Any ideas what this lens might be?

Robert Oliver
26-Jun-2009, 19:38
judging by the third picture, it appears to me to be a lens off of an old opaque projector... used for projecting postcards and prints onto a wall.

Antonio Corcuera
28-Jun-2009, 09:02
Thanks Robert.
Would this lens be of any interest in LF photography?

Robert Oliver
28-Jun-2009, 09:24
It's basically the same as a magic lantern lens... possibly a petzval type. It should have a large image circle since it was intended to project postcards, which were bigger than magic lantern slides.

Antonio Corcuera
28-Jun-2009, 13:15
Thanks again Robert.

Gene McCluney
29-Jun-2009, 10:56
It is for sure a projection lens, rather than a camera lens. The construction of the barrel looks fairly lightweight, and probably is not as precision as a camera lens in regards to mounting and centering of the glass.