View Full Version : Differences between Sinar F2 and C - Fresnel lens vs intense screens

Karl Beath
29-Oct-2001, 12:37

Please could you give me the differences between the Sinar F2 and C cameras. Se condly opinions on the a fresnel lens vs an intense screen good points and drawb acks.

Thanks Karl

Walter Glover
29-Oct-2001, 12:52

A Sinar C is a 'C'ombination Sinar with P or P2 standard astern and F or F2 standard at the bow. Idea was to save wieght and cost..

Ground Glass & Fresnel is my choice. Had a Boss Screen at one time and had all the trouble in the world with getting the focussing plane accurately positioned for use of very short lenses (35mm & 47mm). I also had a look at Beattie but found that while the bright area was brighter its area was smaller and the dark periphery was darker. Down to personal preferences really, I suppose.

Cheers ... WG

Ellis Vener
29-Oct-2001, 13:05
The C has a SinarP rear standard and the front standard of a Sinar F. The C2 has a P2 rear standard.

The advantages of having a rear P standard instead of the rear standard of the F2 are numerous:

-More precise control. All movements are geared and self locking.

True assymetric controls for tilt and swing. the F standards are base tilt which only approximates the way the Sinar p system works.

Easier to use built-in DoF and tilt/Swing calculators.

Much, much more stable & rigid.

Able to change formats to 5x7 and 8x10.

With the Sinar the way to go is with the removable fresnel screen. The Sinar groundglass has the markings necessary for using the DoF and swing tilt calculators. When working from a layout you can use a sharpie or grease pencil to mark on the smooth side of the Fresnel and then clean off the markings with nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. The fresnel is also easily replacable and finally the existing Sinar groundglass is already properly placed for alignment with the film plane.