View Full Version : Recessed Lens Board?

Howard Slavitt
3-Nov-1998, 22:14
I would like to obtain a recessed lens board for use on a Horseman VH. The boar d measures 80 x 80 mm. B&H does not list a recessed lens board as an option in its catalogue. Does anyone know where I can buy one, or have one made? I'd lik e to use a 58 mm lens on the camera. It works adequately with a normal lens boa rd, but barely. It requires that I place the lens only about two thirds on the front focusing track and the movements are then restricted. A board recessed ab out 7 or 8 mm would be ideal. Any ideas?

Bob Eskridge
3-Nov-1998, 22:54
I have a few recessed lensboards (for Horseman) for sale. They recess the lens approx. 7mm and designed for use with a Copal shutter.

Black anodized, excellent quality with instructions on mounting the lens.

$75. plus $3.00 shipping.

PS: Also have boards that move a Copal 1 shuttered lens out 1/2" and another that moves it out 41mm. Plus a special board that mounts a focus mounted 47mm Super Angulon on the Horseman.