View Full Version : Lens for 6x17 rangefinder ~162mm focal length

26-Jun-2009, 01:55
Does anyone have any experience with the Wollensak 162mm F4.5 Velostigmat Series II and the coverage on 5x7? It will be used on a 6x17 rangefinder, with no movements, so I figure if it will cover 5x7 with no movements adequately and is good up to the corners I should be set.

Also looking for opinions/impressions on that lens in general and whether there are any others in the same or slightly longer focal length.

The reason I have chosen this focal length is because I can re-use a Polaroid 350 Zeiss coupled rangefinder/finder and get a reasonable approximation of the lens angle of view.



26-Jun-2009, 03:21
My main worry would be how to attach the lens to your camera and focus.....


Mark Sampson
26-Jun-2009, 04:32
Velostigmats were usually Tessar formula lenses, and 162mm equals the diagonal of a 4x5 negative (which might explain the unusual f.l.). Which makes me think that the lens won't cover 5x7", but might cover 6x17cm. Also notice that Wollensak changed their lens terminology from 'Velostigmat' to 'Raptar' around 1945, which suggests to me that the lens you're thinking of is probably uncoated. Not that there's anything wrong with that; but the uncoated 12" Velo series II I once owned was hopeless in any kind of backlight.

1-Jul-2009, 00:48
OK good info on the name change and coverage, so if I want decent coverage on 6x17 without needing to go down to f22 - f32, what other options are there besides say a Schneider 165 SA, which would be totally overkill for what I'm planning

BTW the focusing is going to be done via a modified Polaroid J66. It will also allow me to make it somewhat foldable and portable as a result.

I do have a Rodenstock Sironar W which will cover easily, but size may restrict my design and make the coupled viewfinder less accurate for framing