View Full Version : Has anyone tried Kodak T-Mat L/RA Film?

Peter Spangenberg
25-Jun-2009, 17:33
I have a box of this stuff in 8x10. Looks like a high resolution dental imaging film. Has anyone tried using this in a camera? If so, any tips before I begin experimenting?

25-Jun-2009, 17:51
my latest obsession is x processing edupe tranny film. sharper than all get out!

Paul Fitzgerald
25-Jun-2009, 17:58
Hi Peter,

tried T-Mat G/RA, seems to be about 200 speed.
7 min. in D-76 70F was WAY too hot, will try 5 min. D-76 1-1 this weekend
Double emulsion means wide open does not have enough depth of focus, need to stop down a bit.

Good luck with it.

Brian Bullen
25-Jun-2009, 18:04
Peter, I shoot with L/ra. I think it's great.
EI 125 D76 1:1 7 mins 74f
Printed with straight palladium

Peter Spangenberg
25-Jun-2009, 19:46
Thanks for the info guys. Can't wait to try it.

Ken Lee
26-Jun-2009, 04:49
I had to find out what you are talking about.

According to this site (http://www.dentalcompare.com/details/5429/KODAK-T-MAT-LRA-Dental-Film.html),

"KODAK T-MAT L Dental Film is a green-sensitive high-speed, wide-latitude film. It is useful in situations where soft tissue must be visualized and/or when exposure control is difficult. This film has a speed of 400 when used with KODAK LANEX Regular Screens, and a speed of 250 when used with KODAK LANEX Medium Screens. Both film/screen systems offer excellent radiographic detail for panoramic, cephalometric, and TMJ applications".